Supporting Sen children under school closure


This website has a range of resources and activities to help support children during uncertain times.


Children may be experiencing a wide range of emotions during this transition, from fear and anxiety to excitement and enthusiasm. Even positive emotions can be unsettling. For ideas and suggestions about managing the transition to home schooling click here

Council for Disabled Children (CDC)

 The CDC has launched a new email inbox for answering questions, collating resources and sharing information on Covid-19 and the impact on children with SEND. This is to be used by professionals, practitioners and parents/carers of children with SEND.

 The new ‘CDC questions inbox’ was launched on Monday 9th April 2020 and CDC is in the process of engaging with DfE and other sector experts to raise issues and develop responses. These will be shared as part of a FAQ resource next week. The CDC questions inbox can be contacted via

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