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Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for all your supportive and kind comments. Where your questions are of relevance to everyone, we are answering them here. 

Best wishes,

Mrs. Norman

Further updates - 20/6/20

Will the children need a packed lunch or do they get a packed lunch from school?

They will get a packed lunch from school.

Will the children need their book bags, will they get papers to bring home and should they take off any keyring they have on the bags? 

They won’t need a bag and won’t be bringing any paper or books home.

Will the children still get reading books swapped and if so how will we make sure they are hygienic / clean ? Will they be quarantined before swapping to a new child?

They will read in school and the teacher will text you where they are up to and you can follow up using the online resources:       username: UKfreeaccess      Password: engage

The children will read on an ipad which will be wiped with sanitiser between children. If a book has to be used the laminated cover will be wiped with sanitiser and it will be taken out of circulation for a week before being returned to the shelf.

Will we need to send in a bag of PE kit and golden mile trainers or just wear PE kit on PE days?

It would be PE kit on PE days.

Will fire doors / other doors be left open or closed? If closed will the handles be regularly cleaned? Fire doors will remain closed and other doors pinned open.

We have our cleaner coming in twice a day: at lunch time and after school. At lunch time the MDAs do the classroom tables and the cleaner does toilets and frequently touched handles.

Are your times now set in stone or is it still possible for them to be picked up as early as possible? 

For Key Worker children, as long as you pick the children up outside of the staggered times for other groups, we are happy to continue fitting in with your work patterns, if you ring school and arrange it. We can only do this for children in the Key Worker provision.

Also can the keyworker places still just be used on an as and when needed basis? 

Yes, we are happy to fit in with your work patterns.

Would a place be made available for her after 8th June if I changed my mind?

Yes, we have planned to have capacity to accept all eligible children. Just let us know the day before and we’ll let you know which group so that we can keep numbers even.

Our preference may be to attend on a part time basis if this could be accommodated.

We will do our best to accommodate part time attendance if you feel that would best suit your child’s needs, as long as drop offs and pick ups don’t coincide with those of other groups. 

Will homework continue to be set in the same manner if I choose not to send my child into school?

The way we set homework will change for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 who decide not to attend school. This is because the Class Teachers for those year groups will be working full time with children in school.

We are planning on referring these pupils to the Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize services and we have two Teaching Assistants who will be dedicated to keeping in touch with children in this situation: answering queries, monitoring access and offering encouragement to the children to continue their learning. 

Are key worker children already attending school kept separate from the others?

Yes, we are organising the accommodation, start, play, lunch and finish times so that each group in school is kept apart from any other group or adult, to the best of our ability. 

Will the children return to following the full curriculum again or not?

We intend to start with an emphasis on Personal, Social and Emotional Education, then RE, Maths and English and build up from there. With the restrictions we are abiding by, in the guidance from the DfE, some things will be hard to offer, eg sport where there is contact or passing equipment from one hand to another. However, we will find ways to offer as full a curriculum as we can. 

Have children free outdoor play at lunch or are there any restrictions?

The children will have outdoor zones they can play in, to keep them apart from other groups. We will follow the guidance that says that children should be encouraged to stay apart but that they can be free to play in the fresh air. 

Will children at home and in school be completing the same work?

No. The children in school will be taught by a teacher, responding to the group of children infront of them. The children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 who are at home will be directed to the Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize nationally available resources. These children will be monitored and encouraged by a named Teaching Assistant.

In terms of toilet facilities - are children able to use at any time? Are there dedicated toilets per group?

Please note that this reply is an update and correction of an answer provided earlier.

Not having enough toilets to allocate dedicated toilets to each group we will be operating a rule whereby only children belonging to one group at a time is in the toilet. Then when the children return to class they will be instructed to use the hand gel dispenser inside the classroom door - in addition to having washed their hands in the toilet ( following the likelihood that they've touched the doors). 

Although we will be operating a rota arrangement to try to manage the use of the toilets, no child will be prevented from using the toilet if they need to do so outside of their allocated time, as long as they follow the arrangements above. 

Will play times be staggered so that children can use the full playground in their groups or will they have a dedicated space to play?

They will have a dedicated space to play because then the staff can take the children out at anytime and use the outside space for learning whenever the weather allows. 

At lunchtime, will each group be provided with a meal/packed lunch if required? Will they eat in their classroom?

The children entitled to a free school meal will be provided with a packed lunch which will be brought to the classroom where they will eat together as a group. 

I realise that social distancing is impossible especially for the younger year groups. Is it intended that they sit together at desks? Or will they be sat in dedicated spaces to try to maintain some distance between them?

For Y6 the children will be working at their desks which have been spaced out. For the younger children we are planning a blend of the ‘play’ approach they are used to and working at desks spread apart. The ‘play’ areas have been adapted to encourage the children to remain spread out as far as possible eg by removing every other chair from the writing table and imposing 2 only to work in the construction area. 

Given that school will be open full time effectively (apart from PPA time), when will school be deep cleaned?

Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned every lunchtime. An enhanced cleaning schedule is in place for every afternoon after the children have gone home: eg all surfaces to be done daily. The PPA afternoon will also allow us to have the school cleaned thoroughly every Friday afternoon

Will they be wearing their school uniform?

The children should wear their school uniform to help them transition back to a school frame of mind. However, we know that parents will want to change them out of school clothes and wash them after being in school each day and, if this makes wearing school uniform difficult, we will accept a variation when it is unavoidable. Similarly, if children have grown out of uniform or school shoes and you are struggling to replace them, we will accept a variation on the uniform until it has been possible for you to get to a suitable shop safely.

Loving to learn,
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