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St Monica’s Virtual Sports Day 2020

Sports Day is always a popular and important event in the school calendar. This year, due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we are unable to hold a ‘traditional’ sports day. 

To counter this, we have designed a ‘Virtual Sports Day’ that can be completed at home with a minimum of resources. ‘Sports Week’ as we have decided to call it this year, will run from Monday 13th July to Friday 17th July. The idea for the Virtual Sports Day is for pupils to improve across five events. We will celebrate pupils' engagement with Sports Week with a video assembly towards the end of this academic year.

We would love to receive any videos, pictures or messages over next week of your children attempting the St Monica’s Virtual Sports Day. If you do use Twitter, please  include the hashtag #StMonsPE. Email records and pictures / videos to stmonicas_primary@warrington.gov by Monday 20th July

Sports Day 2020 video.mp4

Below is the video as a zip file if it is easier to download it and then watch.

To the right are several documents. There is the slideshow in two formats, an empty recording grid (in two formats) and an example of a completed recording grid. You don't need to print the recording grid, just fill in a digital one on your device or make your own paper copy.


The events pupils will participate in will be as follows: 

1. Balance

A blind-folded one-legged balance: place a blindfold over the competitor’s eyes and time how long they can remain on one leg before putting the other on the floor

2. Standing Jump

A standing jump: pick a starting position and jump with two feet on the floor, landing on two feet. Measure the distance using any tools available at home. 

3. Throw and Clap

A throw and clap: throw a ball or scrunched up paper, into the sky - clap until catching the ball again. The attempt is only recorded if the ball is caught

4. Egg and Spoon

A egg and spoon time trial: design a shuttle run about 10 metres apart (or as far as possible). Pupils try to complete as many shuttles as they can in 2 minutes without dropping the egg (or scrunched up ball) - a tennis racket and ball can also be used. 



5. Sit Down Stand Up

A ‘sit down; stand up’: the competitor attempts to sit down and stand up as many times as they can in one minute. The bottom must touch the seat before standing up again. A hard back chair is required. 

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