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  • Weekly Homework (until 16.10.20 when this transfers to Google Classroom)


Section One


St Monica's Remote Learning Policy Sept 2020

Now that our Year 1 face to face learning has been put on hold, we are all required to stay at home to do our work. From Thursday, all your work will be set on Google Classroom, just like your homework! Until your super learning arrives for you tomorrow, please use the curriculum links below in order to continue your education at home today.

The links provided are in line with topics and objectives which are matched as closely as possible to those we are covering in school. 

Click on each link below to access learning for Wednesday 6th January, and I will post everything you need for Thursday on Google Classroom. 

Year One Home Learning Links for Wednesday 6th January 2021.

If you want to share your learning with me, please do so via Google Classroom uploads and not via email. Many thanks, Mrs H :)


Learning task: To form lower case and upper case letters correctly.

When I assessed you all in December, I was surprised to find that very few people knew both the capital and lower case letter formation for all 26 letters of the alphabet. These two tasks should help you to improve this learning. See the powerpoint at the bottom of the screen for further instruction.

Maths - Patterns with 2D & 3D shape

I love this lesson! 

When you click on the link above, there are lots of lesson videos. I only need you to look at the lesson video called 'Patterns with 2D and 3D shape'. It is a really good way to consolidate our learning from last term in geometry.

Take note of the narrator and when she asks you to press pause on the video. The first pause is just 43 seconds into the video!

When it is finished, ignore the instruction to do worksheets. I would like you to look around your house for 2D and/or 3D objects and make some patterns of your own. Some items in your house may already have a 2D shape pattern printed on them. You may have to move some objects around to create a pattern yourself. Look at my ideas in the image below. 

Can you label the shapes you have used/found? Can you describe your pattern to another person? 

Challenge: Don't just use two shapes in your pattern. Try three shapes...or perhaps four! Maybe you could keep the shapes the same but make the colours or sizes different?


If you finish, you could play on this website. It gets harder and harder as you pass each level so don't be fooled if you find it easy! You can also access using the QR code.

Science - Sorting and grouping

Classifying, sorting and grouping is an important way of working scientifically to find out more about the world around us. I would like you to group objects in your house according to the properties of the materials they are made from. Here are some categories you could choose to sort into:





bendy/not bendy

waterproof/not waterproof

absorbent/not absorbent


I'm going to have a go at this activity with Ted today! We'll probably choose an easy way to group like hard objects and soft objects.

Challenge: If you have grown up help, ask them to sort a set of objects and you have to guess the properties they have sorted by!

RE - The Epiphany

View the Powerpoint I have attached (below) and complete the task at the end. 

Section Two

Class Documentation

Classroom Organisation Information

While your child is in Year One, please contact sarah.harman@stmonicasprimaryschool.co.uk if you have any queries, questions or concerns or arrange to speak to me/Mrs Norman via the school office.

Day to Day

  • Please bring your own filled water bottle in to school daily and take it home to wash at night.
  • You may bring in your own healthy snack from home for morning and afternoon break times. 
  • PE Days are now Wednesdays and Fridays. You can wear your PE kit to school on these days. 
  • No bookbags are required in school/class. 
  • No stationary or pencil cases are needed.
  • Homework will be set via Google Classroom only. Please email if there are any issues.
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