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Home Learning Week 1

The Weekend!

Gorgeous Year 4s, 

You have been AMAZING this week. We've loved getting your emails and photos and seeing your hard work on MyMaths, ReadTheory and TTRS.  You now get two well-deserved days off, and we'll be back on Monday.

If you want things to do over the weekend, you can make a start on the St Monica's Challenge. There are some fabulous things to do there. I am especially fond of the one to spend a WHOLE DAY in pyjamas and the one to make a den big enough for 2 people. It could be in indoor blanket fort den or an outdoor den.  Another lovely thing about the challenge is that you can do it with members of your family, it's not just for you on your own. So you and your siblings or grown-ups could make a den together or have your meals in the wrong order, or learn a dance routine, or make an indoor bowling alley all working together. 

Some of you may have heard that lots of children all over the country are drawing or painting rainbows to stick in their front window, reminding everybody who sees them to be positive and safe, and not to worry. You could have a go at that. Some children near me in Chester even made a rainbow with pavement chalk in their driveway.

Other things to do include the attached  'habits' wordsearch from Sienna and a garden scavenger hunt from Mrs Adams.

Katie (my daughter who is an art student) is getting some ideas together for craft activities when you have your break from lessons over Easter. I'll share those with you at the end of next week. In the meantime, for this weekend she suggested you could make a tiny den or home for fairies or pixies in your garden, or a fancy bug house for insects to shelter in. 

There is so much to do, we won't have a chance to get bored! I am going to try and do lots of the St Monica's challenges over the next three weeks as well, and I will let you see photos when I've done each of them. I think Mrs C and Alfie will be doing lots of them too.  We'd love to see your photos next week.

Have fun and keep making your grown-ups happy and proud of you,

​Mrs R​ & Mrs C

Ideas and Inspiration

rainbow titlerainbow examplesnature scavenger hunt

27/03/2020      Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Year 4, welcome to the last day of the first week of home learning.  Mrs Cornelia has been in our classroom with Scaly and Bubbles . . .

mrs c in y4.mp4


Well done on the ReadTheory. The class total of knowledge points was 38 925 on Wednesday night with 2107 quizzes completed. On Thursday night the results were 41 186 Knowledge Points and 2208 quizzes. This is an amazing achievement.

  1. Your first MATHS TASK is to work out how many quizzes the class did yesterday and how many knowledge points you earned. You will need to use column subtraction. E-mail Mrs Rowland with the answers.
  2. Your main Maths lesson for today is to complete the Twinkl Maths Assessment Year 4 term 2: Addition and Subtraction in your home learning pack. I will give you the answers on Monday morning. Take your time, check your answers and do your very best work. If you don't have it in your home learning pack, email Mrs Rowland for a copy.
  3. This is a writing task. Open the document below on Lauren Child’s The Princess and the Pea, and complete questions 1 and 2. Don’t do 3 onwards as these might be done on a different day.
  4. This is a PSHCE task. In our PSHCE topic we have been looking at habits; there are good habits and bad habits. Can you design a poster to show the difference between good habits and bad habits. An example of good habits could be – washing your hands, brushing your teeth, feeding the dog. Bad habits could include – smoking, eating too much junk food, drinking too much alcohol.
  5. Science. Our new topic will be habitats, food chains and food webs. This is a fun activity you can play to learn about food chains. Your grown up will need to enable Adobe Flash player on your device. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/content/animals/kidscorner/games/foodchaingame.htm

If you can’t enable Flash, there is a YouTube video of the the activity which is almost as good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWL4lPSodG4

Maths challenge if you want to keep busy over the weekend: Can you make 100? See the document below.

Fun job for the whole week:  Now you will hopefully have learnt the poem and you can ask a grown up or sibling to film you reciting it. Use your best drama llama skills. Once you’ve recorded it, your parents can send it to all the relatives you can’t see in person right now. They’ll love it!

You can also upload it to G drive next week and Mrs Rowland can edit clips together of you all into one class video. It will be awesome. I will show you how to upload to G drive next week in a series of help notes on how we can use Google even more than we are.


Home Learning Tips

How and when to do your work:

Try to do the work we set each morning on the same day. It shouldn’t last as long as a whole school day, but you will need to be busy for a couple of hours. Try to make a routine so you do it at the same sort of time every day. You might have to agree with your brothers or sisters who uses the technology at which time.

If you have any problems with the the practicalities of home learning, for whatever reason, or if you are ill, get your grown-ups to email Mrs Cornelia and Mrs Rowland.

If you are a bit stuck on the actual work we have given you to do, and you have asked your grown-ups and are still confused, you can email us yourself via your g-mail account. We may not be able to help straight away, but if it is a problem lots of children have, we will upload a video or help note another day to explain it better. If it is a quick thing, we will try to reply to you sooner, but we will not always be available – sometimes we are doing other jobs in school or at home.

Marking your work: 

Sometimes we will ask you to send it to us. Your grown-ups can photograph it on their phone or tablets and email it to us.  We will also be showing you how you can upload work to the school g-drive yourselves in a couple of weeks, when everyone is more used to working from home.

Sometimes, we will put the answers on the school website the next day for you to mark yourself. Use a different coloured pen, but as a special working-from-home treat, it does not have to be purple!

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