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BATTLE OF THE BANDS - The Boys won again! Congratulations! The girls were in the lead at Tea Time but the boys had a last-minute surge. See your emails for the MVPs
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Home Learning Week 2

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Friday 3rd April 2020

Two videos from Mrs C today.  Hurray! The second one is for when you have finished your jobs for the day.  If you are very (un)lucky, Mrs R might upload a video this afternoon too. . . Dun dun duuuuuuuun.  We will not abandon you over Easter - we will put up a page later of LOADS of suggestions for fun things to do at home over the break, and we will be looking out for emails and photos from you for our Easter Break Gallery of Awesomeness.

  1. Start of Day Maths, it’s DIVISION REVISION again. Yay! Let me know via email how you got on. 10 or so of you haven't done the MyMaths from yesterday. Please do it today if you can. Email Mrs R if you can't see it.
  2. Finish your Alice reading comprehension from yesterday if you have not done so yet. If you have finished it, the answers are up so you can mark it.
  3. Multiplication: Do as much TTRS as you want to, remembering that this is the second leg of the Battle of the Bands, narrowly won on Wednesday by the boys. What will the score be today?
  4. Handwriting. Practice these joins in your exercise book. If you have access to a printer, there are extra sheets for the w, r and u joins. You could put them on the screen and copy them into your book. Look at the sheets to remind yourselves how these should be joined.

5.    P.E. Create a circuit either in your house or outside that will help you to stay fit. Perhaps you could video your completed circuit and send it to us. As an example, you could include running 5 laps around the lounge, then complete 5 star jumps, army crawl under the table and back again… the choice is endless.

6.  Computing – Discovery Espresso Coding – do the next one, which will either be Driving Me Loopy or Astronaut Orbit, depending what you did last week.  The first page of the Coding PDF will remind you of the loops and purposes.

02/04/2020                                                   Thursday 2nd April 2020

This morning Alfie is reviewing some of your work!

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Well, the results of the TTRS Battle of the Bands is in, and it was a last-minute rush for the top score from THE BOYS! The girls were winning at about 5pm, but by bedtime, the boys had won with 4463 points and the girls were close behind with 4200.  The second leg will be played on Friday, where the girls have a chance to catch up.

1. Start of Day Maths – another four questions for you to have a go at, plus the answers so you can mark them afterwards. You know that Sushi question on yesterday’s Maths? Well Katie really DID make Sushi for us, just not quite that many pieces. Look how amazing they looked. They were delicious too.

  1. Reading comprehension on Alice in Wonderland – Down the Rabbit Hole. The text and questions are in the folder of Home Learning tasks you brought home from school. Go and find them before you start listening. To make it as similar to school as possible, if you click on the audio, you can hear Mrs R read it aloud and give a quick talk-through of the questions. We will post the answers tomorrow. This is quite a long piece of work, so if you run out of time, please feel free to finish it tomorrow.
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  1. Maths – MyMaths, There are two exercises on there today, the short division that you’ve done before – but with different numbers – and a new one on bar modelling. You can do it, Year 4. Impress me! P.S. Shhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell Mrs Norman or Mrs Harman, but MyMaths have already drawn the bars for you! You only have to fill the numbers in! AWESOME! If you can't see MyMaths, send me an email and I will send you a 'screen grab' of it back as a pdf that you can see on your computer or tablet.
  2. Grammar and Punctuation -  Punctuate the sentences on the sheet (attached). You don’t have to print it out, you can copy them into your book. Don’t peek at the answers until you have finished, then get out a lovely different coloured pen, and mark your work. Check you got ALL the punctuation features.
  3. PSHCE - Create a plan/menu for a day’s worth of meals and snacks to help promote a healthy diet. Under each meal and snack explain why you have chosen it and how it will help the body in everyday life. When you have finished you could illustrate it with pictures of the meals. Don’t forget healthy drinks as well as food. We'd love to see photos of your menus if you have time to send them. ANd if you have time to MAKE any of the meals over the Easter break, you can send us photos of that too. We love photos!


This morning’s cheery video is a fitness session with Alfie Wicks. Star jumps! Reach for the sky!

  1. Start of Day Maths. How did you get on yesterday? Have a try at today’s in your books then mark it with a different colour pen
  1. Writing task: Ancient Myths. Remember all the Greek Myths we looked at in Year 4? Today is your chance to make up your own myth. Greek Myths usually have a problem, a hero or heroine, and a magic object or special power. They often involve a God or Goddess giving advice or giving the special object/power. The problem is often – but not always - caused by a monster. Because it is set in Ancient Greece, remember you can’t have modern things like cars or planes or phones! You don’t need to print the sheet out, do the writing in your exercise book. It recommends you spend half an hour writing, so don’t make your story too complicated. It needs to fill at least a page, though. Remember the importance of writing a story plan first!
  1. R.E. Complete ‘The Characters of the Cross’ comprehension about Peter.
  1. Maths. Everyone needs to go onto TTRS for at least 20 minutes today. Well done to the children who logged on yesterday, your scores are getting really good! Spend half the time (10 minutes) in the Garage, as that will move you through the tables faster and get you to your next gig faster. You can play on whatever you want for the last 10 minutes. I have set it up that for tomorrow that you are in a BATTLE OF THE BANDS, Y4 girls against Y4 boys. Every game you play contributes to your side’s score. You should also complete one SoundCheck at the end of your session. You can of course do more than one SoundCheck. I’ll let you know who won the Battle on Thursday, and also reveal the MVPs! The Battle carries on all day, so if you want to log on again later for some recreational maths, please do!

5.       Reading. Read a book for AT LEAST half an hour, then do a Reading Journal activity in your exercise book or using a computer or tablet. I have attached an ideas sheet for your reading journal activities.


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Good Morning Year 4. Lots of activities to keep you busy today 

Thank you to everyone who has sent a letter or drawing for Brampton Lodge. They will be delighted. It's not too late if you still want to do one. 

This morning’s cheery video is Alfie being the teacher. He is a LEGEND!

  1. Start of Day Maths. Remember these? You will be getting one to do most mornings, just to keep your deep learning of all the maths we have done so far this year fresh and fabulous.
  2. Look at this image and the story starter:

She had been tracking the deer. Her parents had taught her how.

One hour before, finding the hoof prints in the soft earth, she had followed the trail of broken twigs and occasional nibbled leaf until she had located it. Creeping slowly and quietly, not making even the slightest sound, she remained undetected.

She had stumbled across the mysterious circles in a clearing in the forest, and watched as the deer approached them. With a slight twitch of its ears, the deer stepped indifferently through the first circle, and vanished. Completely vanished.

The girl let out a gasp, and walked towards the circles to investigate…

Can you continue the story? Does the girl step through the circle?

  1. Maths – First, do Times Tables Rockstars for 10 minutes.

Then do the questions from the attached sheet on multiplying by multiples of 10 and 100.

Remember that if  3 x 7 = 21, then

                            30 x 7 is 10 times bigger so =210,

                     and 300 x 7 is 100 times bigger, so the answer is 2100

Don't be fooled if the single digit numbers already have a zero on the end when they are multiplied:

                    4 x 5 is 20,

                   40 x 5 is 10 times bigger, so it's 200.

            And 4 x 500  is 100 times bigger, so the answer is 2000.

Then do the questions from the attached sheet. You must do at least one section. Section A is the easiest and C is the hardest. Look at all three and decide which one will give you a challenge but not be too hard. If you want an extra challenge, do 10 of the questions of a harder section. If you already started on section C and want a challenge, write a question similar to C17, C18, C19 or C20, and send it to Mrs Rowland to see if she can get the right answer. I have put the answers in a separate document.

  1. Science – Have another look at the Electricity Knowledge Organiser, then put it away. No, further away than that. In another room. Off you pop, I’ll wait... Thank you. NOW, time to click the link to the Quiz on Electricity. This is part of google education, and to get at it, I have sent you a g-mail with a link to the Quiz. The maximum mark you can get before I look at it is 11/17. If you get that, you’re doing really well! I will then read your answers to the electrical hazards question and see how many more marks I can add on, up to 6 more marks.
  2. Design Technology: Design your own perfect bicycle. You could use books or the internet to research ideas before you start.

          Think about

  • the style of the bike;
  • the size of the bike;
  • the colours you would use;
  • the size and shape of the saddle
  • the type of handlebars you would use;
  • the size and thickness of the wheels;
  • the materials you would use to make it.


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Good Morning Year 4. We’ve missed you! We hope you had a great weekend. Send us photos of anything from the weekend that you would like us to show in this week’s Year 4 Gallery of Awesomeness.

This morning’s cheery video is the promised interview with Mr Cornelia, with additional backing drums from Alfie. Go Alfie!

Here are your jobs for today:

  1. Letter or picture for Brampton Lodge residents.  The people who live in Brampton Lodge opposite our school are older and some are poorly. To keep them safe at the moment, they are not allowed any visitors, and they are not allowed to go outside. The staff at the Lodge have asked if some of you could write letters or draw pictures (or both) that we can email to them. The staff will print them off and give them to the ladies and gentlemen they look after.  You can write in an e-mail, or write in handwriting, or draw/paint a picture and take a photo of it to send. Your letter can be about some of the things you are doing at home at the moment, or pictures of happy, cheerful things, nice scenery or whatever you think they will like. Your school email addresses will not let you email them yourself (you can only email people in St Monica’s) so send them to Mrs Rowland and she will e-mail them to Brampton Lodge all together.
  2. Monday’s writing task is a film review of any film you have seen recently. See the document below to read all about the task. You can do it in your book – you do not need to print off the document - just use that as a reminder of the task and the checklist.
  3. Maths. First of all, mark the Maths assessment from Friday on Addition and Subtraction. Just do a tick or cross at first, don’t write in the correct answer. Your maths job today is to go back to the start of the assessment and fix any errors. If you can’t work out where you went wrong, ask a grown-up or e-mail me with a photo of the question you got wrong and your attempt to fix it.  If you were super careful and only made a couple of errors (or got them all correct!) then your task today is to do the challenge below on multiplying 3 single digit numbers to reach a target number. I’ve done the first one for you, and also made a video of how to answer similar questions. The answers are there too, but don’t open that one until you have had a good go at doing them by yourself!
  4. Science: look at the Electricity Knowledge Organiser, and check you can remember it all. Test yourself on how well you remember everything. There will be a quiz on it tomorrow! We didn’t get a chance to draw the symbols for circuits before school closed, or talk about two famous scientists, so learn those parts extra super-duper marvellously well!
  5. Art: Draw or paint a picture of a character from our recent class book – How to train your dragon. Here is a list of characters to choose from – Hiccup, Fishlegs, Toothless, Stoick, Snotlout… feel free to choose any others!

Fun Task for the whole week: Become a Fitness Superstar! Every day, focus on doing physical exercise session for about 30 minutes. You can do your workout with Joe Wicks, or chose things from Go Noodle, dance to music for 30 minutes, or use a warm-up and exercise session you remember from a sport your normally do. Make a chart with 5 gaps, and draw a star every day when you have done it.

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