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Week 3 of Home Learning

Good Morning Year 4! It's Fabulous Friday  Today's video is of Alfie feeding Scaly and Bubbles! We also have a lovely cheerful video just come in this morning of Sophia and Ellen doing a fabulous dance to The Beatles' Love Me Do! We have photos for the gallery of Mia having fun with dough and more lovely garden pictures, this time from Harry and Lucia.  

Remember your spelling test this morning and send the results of that and yesterday's maths test to Mrs R.

See the email I have sent you about taking 'springwatch' photos today in the sunny weather to use next week in a slideshow/PowerPoint.

E-Mail Mrs R: To check you all remember how to use g-mail can you all log on and reply to the email that says: Please reply to Mrs Rowland. I want to set a combined SpringWatch and computing project for next week, but I need to know you can get onto g-drive so I can teach you how to use the Slides app there (it's like PowerPoint). Thank you to the children who replied yesterday. Superstars! 

Are you enjoying the Beatles so far? What is your favourite song? Keep emailing us, we get very lonely without you talking to us every day.

We're putting videos from previous days down at the bottom of the screen so you can still watch them, but they don't take up all the space. We wouldn't want you to not see the work to do! laugh

We have given you the whole week of work at once, in the document called Jobs to do week starting 20th April but have split them into separate days. You don't HAVE to do them in order, but it will probably help if you do.

Thinking of Carers. We would love to send some messages to all their carers who work SO HARD to help the residents at Brampton Lodge, and often get forgotten because we think of people in hospitals rather than care homes. We would love it if you could do some messages for the staff at Brampton Lodge too.

alfie fish rotate 2.mp4ellen and sophia dance.mp4

Jobs for the week

We will still be on the website every day checking our emails and adding photos and videos, and talking about the awesome work you have done, but for those of you who wanted to know in advance what was happening, we hope this helps.  We will be doing a weekly topic each week, where you can delve into something as much as you want to. These are not things we would normally teach this term, so we have freedom to pick what we want and what would interest you. Mrs R used to teach The Beatles and John Lennon to Year 5 and they loved it, and we thought you might like a Beatles topic this week.  We will have a Second World War topic for the week after next (week 5 of Home Learning) to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of VE day on 8th May, which is when the Second World War ended in Europe in 1945 (it took a little longer elsewhere in the world).

We are looking forward to any ideas you have about what our topic could be for Week 4, starting next Monday. Email your ideas to Mrs R and Mrs C and we will see what we can do. It needs to be something covering GeographyComputing or Science, as this week and World War II week are heavily based in History.

Keep sending us photos of your awesomeness!




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