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Homework due Autum Week 5 (given out Friday 25th September)

This is the homework set on Friday 25th September. For the remote learning daily lessons please log in to Google Classroom and for the background, please see the letters on the main Year 4 page here

We are moving over to Google Classroom, so all of this information can be seen over there. For this week, I have repeated it on this site in case you have difficulties logging in to the Google Suite for Education (g-mail) site. If you are struggling, or if the dog ate your login letter, just email Mrs Rowland at helen.rowland@stmonicasprimaryschool.co.uk.


Last week's poetry homework was really well done - we had a great lesson discussing the poems. This week we would like you to look at the list of books for Year 4's virtual library and send us a message listing your top 3 or 4 choices, and we will try to give you one of them.


This week we are learning the ‘shun’ ending spelt -sion. Not many nouns have -sion endings. They are often (but not always) formed from verbs which end with -d, -de, -se, -t.  For example, to collide -> collision;  to comprehend -> comprehension;   to divide -> division;  to expand -> expansion. The test will be on Friday 2nd October.

I have recorded a sound file of me reading out the spellings so you can practice them at home without looking or needing an adult to help.

spellings autumn week 5.mp3

Mental Maths


Learn your 6 times tables this week. You need to go into TTRS, which I have set up to just test your 6s for the next week. You can also use Hit the Button, especially if you need to practice them as divisions. You will be tested on Friday 2nd October. There will be 35 questions and you will have 5 minutes to complete the quiz. The first half will be multiplication and the second half will be division.

I have set up Times Tables Rock Stars to be just for the sixes this week.

You can also use Hit The Button app to practice them as just divisions if you want to improve your speed.


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