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Week 10 of Home Learning

Mrs Norman's lovely Friday Assembly is over on the main page. Join her here https://www.stmonicasprimary.co.uk/warrington/primary/stmonicas


Happy Friday (Friyay) everyone! It's the weekend guys! Only one more day of home learning and you can enjoy the fabulous weekend chilling out and doing no work whatsoever! Alfie's picture is a reminder to you all be always feel on top of the world and that you're always awesome (as seen on his jumper)! The video is yet another joke from Alfie, well two actually, he just can't quite get the punchline yet... now I know you guys LOVE jokes so if you have the time, why not email us one and we can include it in Monday's post! 

If you do anything exciting this weekend, remember to email us and send a few pictures. It really makes us smile when we get to see how you're doing and what activities you get up to, it's not all about work remember!

Friday’s lessons are ready for you to delve into but don’t forget, if you fancy doing an activity from another day, that’s no problem.

I'm going to leave you with an acrostic poem just for our beautiful Year 4 class. I can't resist an acrostic - they are my favourites!

Years from now we will all look back at these days,

Everyone in our class worked, played and made memories with family,

A strange, unnerving time for us all and everyone is

Raring to run through that Year 4 door and be together again.


For nothing can keep us away from each other for too long,

Or dampen our spirits and make us feel withdrawn,

United forever because of what we've been through this year,

Remember we love you, we miss you and wash your hands! 

Mrs C


Message from Mrs R:

The joint topic for next week will be William Shakespeare and life in Elizabethan England. Both you and year 5 have child-friendly versions of Shakespeare as your books of the week on the iPlayer TV next week – yours is  A Midsummer Night's Dream. Lots of misunderstandings, mischief and potions in a woodland setting, plus a character called Bottom. What's not to love?

If any of you have been lucky enough to have been to Stratford upon Avon on a visit or holiday in the past, I would love it if you could send photos to share, or any other Shakespeare-related photos you have. Has anyone seen a Shakespeare play at the Chester Open Air Theatre? Tell me anything you already know about him or his plays too.


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