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Year 4 Week 12 of Home Learning

Looks like Mr C is trying to Steal Mrs C's job with the videos . . . 

paw patrol.mp4

It’s Marble Run plain ordinary Friday, a day of lovely lessons and absolutely no home-made marble runs at all . . .  Look at this lovely example of a marble run physics lesson done by Séamus yesterday! Admire his use of gravity. Marvel at the accuracy of the final move. Stare in amazement at his ingenuity. 

Seamus Marble run.mp4

Seamus's Marble Run physics lesson


Another example Marble Run physics lesson

Seriously though – GET PERMISSION from a grown up. Preferably one of your grown-ups and not a random passer-by.  And preferably written permission, signed in front of witnesses. Then, and only then, can you rearrange your entire house to make the ultimate marble run.

Apart from the marble run physics lesson this afternoon, there is a spelling test, English work on our book of the week - Agents of the Wild – and three MyMaths tasks on graphs and pictograms (please do these if you do nothing else today). There is a lovely poster-making activity this afternoon, based on our PSHCE about making our voice heard. It can be on paper or on the computer. Finally, there is another lovely but entirely optional Art lesson from Mrs Cara.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

For those of you in school in the Key Worker classes, you can maybe do the marble runs physics lesson at home over the weekend, and do your posters and maybe Mrs Cara Art this afternoon instead.

Have a lovely, lovely day and don’t make any marble runs without parental permission and fully comprehensive home insurance…

And remember, we miss you, we love you, wash your hands, and above all, be kind to each other heart

Mrs R and Mrs C

P.S. the spelling test audio is Right Here under this:

spellings 6th July.mp3AA poster
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