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Week 13 of Home Learning

Sports Day and Make-A-Video Friday!

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Hellooooooo year 4s!  Alfie is both tired and giddy today. Always a good combination . . .

It’s Make-A-Video Friday!

Morning all!  Remember to join in with Mrs Norman's lovely assembly on the front page. 

Today is the last official day to make a video. It’s fine to send me one over the weekend, or even the start of next week, but if you are doing that, please TELL ME (today) so I know how many people to put in each day’s Bitesize TV. The videos don’t have to be long or complicated.  Your friends will just be glad to see you and hear your voice. If you don’t have any other ideas, read a book extract from a book you recommend. I know it’s hard to get motivated for the last week of term, but seeing yourself and your friends on ‘telly’ will really help you have a special week. I am also going to be giving you some silly and fun tasks for your lessons next week.  So help make it super-special and send in your videos!

Your other lessons today include SPORTS DAY! Your final sports session of the week. Remember to send your scores and photos to Mr Marciniak. Read all about it here: https://bit.ly/2OuQogo  There are Maths challenges, your LAST spelling test of Year 4, work on the book Be Amazing, and an RE task on the Communion of Saints.

Remember, we love you, we miss you and WASH YOUR HANDS!heart

Mrs R and Mrs C

Year 4 Gallery of Awesomeness, weeks 12 and 13

Séamus has designed and then painted a beautiful Aboriginal style mask, and Mia has been practising for Sports Day. Séamus has also shared a gorgeous painting that his Uncle bought in Australia for them. Arthur has done a great newspaper story on Rosa Parks. What have the rest of you been up to this week? Send photos!

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