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Week 9 of Home Learning

We have some fabulous volcanoes ranging from the simple ones for those who didn't have much spare time this week, to beautiful creations that must have taken hours and hours to make. They ALL look amazing and lots of fun! There are photos above and videos below. We will move this to Week 10 page and keep updating this as new Volcanoes come in. I know several children still want to have a go or were waiting for the weekend or for some ingredients.

Fabulous Friday

alfie Friday.mp4NH 4 The Hollows today

Send us any more volcano videos or photos – We will put up a Volcano Gallery later today, and leave it up next week so if you are doing one over the weekend, we can still add it.

Have fun today and keep being Fabulous!

Remember, we love you, we miss you and Wash Your Hands! heart

The Gallery of Awesomeness is back! We have art from Friday's lesson where you listened to music and then painted your response (thank you so much Sophia, Ellen and Harrison) and we have a fabulous volcano poster from Erika, and Fernando's fascinating rescue of a broken houseplant. Keep your photos coming!

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