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Week 11 of Home Learning

Here is the Year 4 and Year 5 Shakespeare Gallery. There are some amazing mind maps here, with so much detail and lots of facts that were new to me too. I am learning just as much as you from this topic, and your Macbeth Hashtags were brilliant. Keep being amazing!

macbeth hashtags

Fabulous Friday

Tuesday's Slow Write Image

three witches slow write image(1)

Tuesday's Shakespeare Mind Map help

Here are some examples of mind maps. On Tuesday, you will be making a mind map about the knowledge you have gained about Shakespeare over Monday and Tuesday's lessons. You don't have to do a mind map, you could do a more traditional poster or a digital document such as google slides, Word or g-docs. Headings you might want to consider are childhood, family, jobs, plays, places, Shakespeare today, fun facts.

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