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Year 5 Week 12 of Home Learning

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday Year 5, let it be a merry and busy one, with a lovely weekend afterwards to celebrate how good a Friday it was.

Today we have a lesson from Bitesize on The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Thompson to finish off our week of listening to extracts from her inspirational life. Do your last Maths lesson of the week, whether it is Oak or Bitesize and make sure you have done all 5 MyMaths activities this week.

Also, remember to scroll down the website page to celebrate some of your awesome work. There are some lovely new things to look at including Olivia's giant dream catcher she made this week and some fabulous information texts you created that look like they've come straight out of a published book!

There is a PSHCE poster activity to do, and a peaceful end to the week with some mindfulness activities.

If you want a less peaceful end to the week, there is an optional marble run activity that Year 4 are doing – look at their webpage for a couple of examples and pay attention to the asking-permission part of it (I MEAN IT!)

Keep being fabulous, keep sending photos, and KEEP WASHING YOUR HANDS.

Mrs R

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