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Year 5 Week 13 of Home Learning

It’s Sports Day and Make-A-Video Friday!

Morning all! Remember to join in with Mrs Norman's lovely assembly on the front page. 

Today is the last official day to make a video. It’s fine to send me one over the weekend, or even the start of next week, but if you are doing that, please TELL ME (today) so I know how many people to put in each day’s Bitesize TV. The videos don’t have to be long or complicated.  Your friends will just be glad to see you and hear your voice. If you don’t have any other ideas, read a book extract from a book you recommend. I know it’s hard to get motivated for the last week of term, but seeing yourself and your friends on ‘telly’ will really help you have a special week. I am also going to be giving you some silly and fun tasks for your lessons next week.  So help make it super-special and send in your videos!

Your other lessons today include SPORTS DAY! Your final sports session of the week. Remember to send your scores and photos to Mr Marciniak. Read all about it here: https://bit.ly/2OuQogo There are your usual Maths and English options, and the afternoon has video making, science about skeletons or music.

Keep being AMAZING!

Mrs R

Be your own TV presenter

Y4 & Y5 ARE GOING TO BE THE TV PRESENTERS for the last week of term (starting 20th July)​ because BBC bitesize TV will end on 17th, and we still have 4 school days left..

​Either this weekend or throughout this coming week, at any time you can fit it in, you ​can ​record a 1 to 3 minute video on any subject you want to share. This might be

  • A short exercise routine
  • a dance​ or gymnastics​ routine
  • a science experiment you did at home
  • some history, music, geography or science information
  • a book ​or film ​review
  • a PSHCE topic such as how to be kind online
  • a roblox tip
  • ​if you have a little brother or sister, you could do a video about how you help to look after them​  ​
  • ​pet care tips​
  • show and tell your gardening 
  • show some art and talk about how you made it
  • ​talk about your hobby
  • talk about cubs or brownies or similar activities​
  • a nature documentary
  • ​a 'nature' documentary about your pet pretending it is a wild animal​ and you are David Attenborough
  • ​interview someone in your family about their job or hobby​
  • a ‘travel video’ – film an area like the Dingle or a park or a local walk​, cycle route ​or ​nature reserve​ for example,​​ showing your favourite parts and talking about what sort of play or activities you do there​
  • If you have been somewhere in lockdown and have photos you ​c​an ​video yourself takling about it at ho​m​e and send me separate photos, and I can show the photos as part of your lesson – ​for ​you hill walkers​, mountain bikers and kayaking gardeners​​ out there​.
  • ​Something that has changed at home in lockdown - if your room had a makeover or if you got a new pet​ or (Mrs Rowland) dug a pond in the garden
  • If you are responsible for a job at home, such as the recycling, do an information video about it such as Warrington Recycling rules, or how to clean out a hamster cage
  • talk about something you created from lego
  • explain the rules of a game you like to play, either a board game or a playing-in-the-garden game
  • a reflection on how you found Lockdown - good parts and bad parts and what you are looking forward to afterwards

Send them ​to me as soon as they are done because I will need to spend time working them into daily TV shows.

​If this is really inspiring you, you can make up to 4 videos because there are four days with no Bitesize TV.

You can send a mix of videos and links and photos and I can put them together for you. So if you baked something a couple of weeks ago, you could do a video of you talking about it now and send me a separate photo of the food and a photo or link to the recipe.

If you are worrying about privacy for these videos, you don’t need to because they will not be on the webpage but will be shared as links in an email every morning, and hosted on our G-Drive for St Monica’s​. You also don't have to film yourself, it could all be voiceover over pictures of whatever you are talking about.​

The best way to get your work to me is to upload them to your MyDrive and use the SHARE function to send me a link with editor permission, so I can download them and work on them. They can also be sent from a phone to my email address. If you have several short clips and are not sure how to stitch them together, just send me all the short clips and I will combine them for you.​


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