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Last DAY of Year 5 and week 14 of home learning

Oh my goodness Year 5,

I can’t believe it’s our last day of what has definitely been the most unusual education experience of my lifetime, and I am a lot older than you are!  The lockdown has been a HUGE thing for us all, and has had positives as well as negatives. Nothing beats real face-to-face teaching, but you have shown yourselves to be so much better than you could have imagined at the start of this year. You have all learnt new skills and developed resilience and shown love and generosity. You have learnt so much, and had so much fun, but you have also experienced sadness, loneliness and fear, boredom and frustration. And you will still have these bad feelings sometimes, but tell your grown-ups and they will help. You have risen to the challenge brilliantly, but it is still OK to NOT be OK sometimes.

I loved teaching you last year (and my hearing has just about recovered from the decibel levels), and so it was brilliant being able to teach you again this summer, albeit remotely with lots of emails. Remember you are AMAZING, individually and collectively. Mr Marciniak is so lucky to have you next year. And whatever challenges we face in the coming months, we are all here for you and we will rise to meet them together.

I’ve put the slideshow up of the photos from Tattenhall to put a smile on your face – that was a GREAT residential guys, thank you for making it so fabulous for Mrs Cornelia, Mrs Norman and me and and all the staff involved.heart

There are not one but TWO bitesize videos today, to fit in all the awesome films you sent in. 

In Part 1 we have Owen with his final trampolining masterclass, then Séamus with his puppy Solo and demonstrating his experiments, then we have Iris and Alannah showing you their trip to the Lake District last weekend, and Lily with a cooking show on how to make vanilla cupcakes. Then we have Ellen sharing the variety of loom band bracelets she has learnt to make, and Georgia Wicks making up for Joe Wicks being done for the summer by giving you a really well-planned fitness challenge. We don’t need Joe when we have Georgia!

In Part 2 we start with Sophia’s masterclass in doing chin stands, Harrison’s newest nature video (with baby frogs and toads!), Charlie demonstrating some impressive football skills and Jamie F sharing his book recommendations. Then we have Florence (with Órla) demonstrating the fun that can be had in The Dingle, we have Bella showing you round her lovely garden and finally Ayaan playing his piano from the Music for a Summer Evening virtual concert.

This afternoon’s task is to reflect on lockdown and make a memory box, picture or write something, or make or collect keepsakes of this time. You will forget what it was like, though you may not believe that at the moment. It is a difficult thing to have experienced, but it has made you stronger and better.

Stay safe, keep washing your hands, and most importantly: keep being awesome! heart

Lots of love,

Mrs R & Miss W


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