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PE Curriculum Statement

The PE curriculum at St Monica’s is designed with the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ at its heart. Our teachers and PE coaches encourage the pupils to reflect on their own performances and development of skills. As part of their reflection, each class uses a PE Book in which they are encouraged to annotate successful parts of their learning, and key criteria to use in future performances. Through their annotations, pupils also identify the key skills in professional performance to ensure that they can clearly identify how the taught skills can be used in competitive sport.

For all pupils, we encourage their participation in both Level 1 and Level 2 competition. Pupils in Year 4 compete in the Bridgewater Cluster Swimming Gala, and all Key Stage 2
pupils participate in the annual St Monica’s Swimming Gala. In order to promote pupil engagement and organisation of Level 1 sports competition, we have established a ‘Sports Crew’. The idea of the Sports Crew is to plan, organise and run Level 1 competition for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes. The Sports Crew develop their leadership potential, skills of organisation, ability to compromise; and promoting their events across the school.

We have continued to develop and strengthen our links with local sports’ clubs: Cheshire Phoenix Basketball team, Warrington Wolves Rugby club, and Cheshire Cricket Club. We aim to increase pupils’ participation in clubs / activities outside of school in order to promote sustainable healthy living. 

Everyday, our pupils take part in the 'Golden Mile'. The aim for our pupils is to complete a mile in under 10 minutes - we encourage staff to take on this challenge too!

Upcoming Competitions and Events

July 22nd - Bridgewater Cluster Athletics Competition at Victoria Park



A word from our Sports Crew

We are the St Monica's Sports Crew and our job is to arrange, organise and run competitions at school. This year, for the first time, we will be organising events for sports day; we are also arrangin some small competitions for our KS1 pupils. 

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