Welcome Message

St. Monica’s is a church made up of ordinary people who love God, want to worship Him together, pray for the world and work to make His Kingdom here on Earth.

Our Parish Priest is Canon George Browne. He has served our Parish for many years and loves to come into school and speak to the children and families.

The people who go to St. Monica’s church try to look after each other, and offer a warm welcome to anybody who wants to join or visit us.

Mass Times

Saturday: 5:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am

Please see the Parish Newsletter for weekday Mass times


Holy Days:    11:00am & 6:00pm


Sat:    11.00 am

Where are we?

Address: 38 Dingleway, Appleton, Warrington WA4 3AB

Phone: 01925 264695

What goes on in our parish?

We are an active parish with many groups coming together, in the resource room at the back of church or in Canon Browne’s house, at various times during the week/month.  We warmly welcome new members in all our groups.  As with any active parish there are also lots of other activities taking place and new volunteers are always needed.  Many of our parishioners are getting older and it would be fantastic to get some of our younger St Monica’s families involved in more things.

Listed below are the contact names for these groups/activities.  Further details and contact numbers are available in the porch at the back of church. If you feel you can help or would like to know more about any of them then please do get in touch.

Altar servers – Louise Barker
APF Mill Hill (red mission boxes) – Ted Leather
Church cleaning – Mary Rollings
Children’s liturgy leaders – Helen Rotherham
Children’s society boxes – Maris & Paul Flanagan
Cleaning of church linen – Christine Drake
Council of churches – Canon Browne
Covenants (gift aiding your weekly offerings) – John McMahon
Eucharistic Ministers – Canon Browne
Justice & Peace – Mary Glennon
Liturgy Group – Louise Barker
Music (10.00 mass) – Clare Wadsworth
Readers (other masses) – Kath Carey
SVP – Kath Jackson
Safeguarding Respresentative - Clare Wadsworth

Family mass

The 10.00am mass on Sunday is our Family Mass.  During this Mass we have a children’s liturgy in the resource room at the back of church.  Children come out of the main church for a section of the Mass and we present the gospel story in a child friendly way.  It is aimed at the 4-8 age group although we do also welcome younger and older children.  Some parents come in with their children, which if fine for you to see what goes on, although we encourage parents to let children come by themselves.  We would really welcome some parents getting involved to lead these sessions as we currently only have 5 leaders, 3 of whom started when their children started attending, and who no longer have any children at primary or secondary school.  It is not necessary to be involved in teaching or working with children for you to do this.  If you are interested please speak to one of the current leaders – Louise Barker, Helen Rotherham, or Jess Pearson.

We have a music group playing at 10.00am Sunday Mass, made up of all ages, and at all celebrations in the church’s year.  We have many young musicians in our parish, and it would be a delight to have more of them coming to share their talents with the parish.  It is a great outlet to play your instrument on a regular basis.  Any level of capability is welcome.

We are also always looking for volunteers to get involved as altar servers and readers.  During Advent and Lent we have extra services and ask for volunteers to read at these, so even if you don’t want to commit to a rota you have the opportunity to read as a one off.   Events are advertised on the school newsletter as well as the parish bulletin.

People you might see in our church

Why not come and join us? You'd be very welcome. If you're interested in getting involved, contact Mrs Pearson.

About St. Monica

 Here are some amazing facts about our incredible patron saint that are sure to inspire you.

 1) St. Monica’s example converted her husband and mother-in-law. St. Monica’s husband, Patritius, and his mother didn’t believe in Jesus and had violent tempers. St. Monica was so patient and kind, that her example eventually led to their conversions to Christianity.
2) She prayed for St. Augustine for 17 years before his conversion. St. Monica’s son, St. Augustine of Hippo, lived a life of selfish sinfulness. He wouldn’t listen to his mother for years, but she continued to love, pray and nurture him throughout his wayward time and in the end he came to love Jesus.

3) She felt discouraged, but never gave up.St. Monica cried many times over her son’s bad lifestyle, but she never gave up. A local bishop told her that “God’s time will come.” He added, “Go now, I beg you; it is not possible that the son of so many tears should perish.”

4) She is the patron saint of wives, mothers, conversions, alcoholics and abuse victims.St. Monica is a great example of faith and hope. God’s grace is infinite, and he will never abandon us, even in the hardest of times.




  St. Monica followed her son Augustine across the Mediterranean from Africa, seeking a new life in Italy. We should pray to her to watch over all the refugees today, who are making the same journey fleeing conflict and oppression.



Loving to learn,
learning to love like Jesus

About Our School

St Monica's Catholic Primary School
We would love to welcome you to our friendly school, we are situated in the heart of Appleton, and have great transport links to Stockton Heath and Grappenhall.

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St Monica's Catholic Primary School St Monica's Close, Appleton, Warrington, WA4 3AW

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