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Keeping Safe Online Toolkit, by Mrs Adams

Date: 5th Sep 2023 @ 12:19pm

We know that children’s use of the internet can be concerning for both schools and parents and carers. Common and understandable worries may include children accessing inappropriate or harmful content, being exposed to misinformation or social media contributing to mental health issues are common and understandable. But the internet can also have many positives for children. It can help them learn and develop their knowledge and skills, it can help them connect with their peers, and it can help them explore the world and discover new things. 

Click here for the Keeping Safe Online Toolkit.

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Y6 Weekly Blog - 10/3/23, by Mrs Adams

Date: 10th Mar 2023 @ 4:08pm

Librarian’s Competition – World Book Day

On the 2 nd March 2023 (World Book Day) there was a competition organised by the school’s librarians. Each class went outside separately and were given a card. As a class the children had to hunt around the school’s grounds searching for the characters. The year three children won. The completed the search in five minutes. All the children thought that it was great fun and would like to do a hunt like this again. Everyone in the school got a prize for their participation. The year three
children got a special prize for winning.









Cricket Sessions
Each week this half term some of the classes are having cricket sessions. Year 2 children spoke about their cricket sessions so far. The children have enjoyed hitting the balls to others; running around; batting the ball after it has been thrown. Sophie says that she likes throwing the ball to others. They loved the fact that they all had their own part. They talked about the midfielder and what he did. Freddie said that he just liked ALL of it.





Cross Country
On Saturday 4 th March, our cross country had the last Walton Gardens race. We are very proud ofeveryone who entered. “Everyone was very supportive and stayed until the end of the all the races!” said Beth.
The places are:
Y6 Girls – 2 nd
Y4/5 Girls – 1 st
Y4/5 Boys – 2 nd
Well done to all the children who took part and competed.


cross country.jpg



Y6 Weekly Blog - 3/3/23, by Mrs Adams

Date: 3rd Mar 2023 @ 3:15pm


We were lucky enough to have KS Dance Company come into our school to perform for the children. We loved experiencing theatre and seeing so many different styles of dance.

Reception thought the dance show was fantastic. They enjoyed all of the show. Emilia said that her favourite part of the show was when the snowflakes danced with swords. Gabs liked the princess.

Year 1
At first we found it a bit tricky to understand as the dancers did not speak. Once they explained the signs and gestures to us it all became clearer. Annie said it made her happy watching the dancers as they were so beautiful and graceful. Valerie commented on the dancer’s costumes saying that they were amazing. Alfie enjoyed the moves that the dancers made.

Year 2
It was amazing, active and really good. WE loved all of the moves and the actions. It was really clever that they all knew the different parts of the dances and the songs. Ted liked it how one of them went through the wardrobe and came out the other side. Freddie liked their moves and their dances.

Year 3
When asked what part did they enjoy the most? Queralt relied that she enjoyed the dance at the end. Emily said that she was inspired to join a dance club after watching the performance. Their favourite character was King Aslan. All the class said that they would like to watch more ballet.

Year 4
We all thought the dancers were very graceful. The lighting was amazing. We enjoyed the sword fight and when King Aslan died and came back to live.

Year 5
We loved the different types of dance. We found it super inspiring! The makeup and costumes really impressed us. The dramatic music; cool moves and props really blew some of us away one of the children said.

Year 6
We thought it was fascinating and we loved their dancing. It was a great experience for us all. Our favourite dance was the cowboy / cowgirl dance.

dance day.jpg dance day 2.jpg

Y6 Weekly Blog - 3rd February 2023, by Mrs Adams

Date: 28th Feb 2023 @ 4:15pm


Our school has started a new programme called MyHappyMind. This is for the children to learn about their brains and methods to calm it down. Year 6 have a different scheme to the rest of the school all about their transition to high school. Each person has their own personal journal to write down their feelings. HAP is a friendly creature that reminds us about the three important parts of our brain (Hippocampus, Amygdala and Pre Frontal Cortex). This week we meet our brains. Follow on to find out more next week.

This is our second week of our My HappyMind programme. This week we learnt about what are thoughts are and what are facts. In this lesson we compared good thoughts (facts) and bad thoughts. We learnt how these affect our body and actions. Follow on next week for more.

By Fatima


Y6 Weekly Blog - 13/1/23, by Mrs Adams

Date: 16th Jan 2023 @ 3:31pm


On the 6 th January we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany. This is when the Wise Men visited Jesus following the star. The whole school went to Mass. We sang: We Three Kings; The First Nowell and a famous children’s carol called, ‘Come to the Manger’. Two reception children (Penny and Harry) and Ryan from year 1 carried the kings to the crib at the front of the church. Mrs Pearson said, “The singing in church was beautiful.”

Fatima. Y6

1.png   2.png

What happens when you dont brush your teeth?

Year 4 did an experiment last week based on what happens when you do not brush your teeth for a week. I interviewed Maya, Amy and Oliver. This is what they told me.

They filled some cups with Ribena, tea, orange juice, coca cola and Fanta and then placed a hard-boiled egg in each. Oliver said,“The shell of the egg is a similar substance to our teeth.” The egg shell of the one in coca cola turned really dark. The one in Ribena turned mouldy. The one in tea got darker. The shell of the egg in orange juice cracked. The shell of the egg in Fanta had dots all over it.

Miss told us that this experiments teaches the children that they should brush their teeth.Here are some pictures:

Sophia, Y6

Loving to learn,
learning to love like Jesus

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